Uncle Don's Frequent Buyer Rewards Club 
No cards to carry, nothing to remember.  It is all automatic.  


Q.  Why is Uncle Don's doing this reward program?
A. In just a few years, Uncle Don's has tripled in size.  This is due to our loyal customers.  We want to say thank you for your patronage and loyalty.  A program that puts the savings your hand is the best way we know how to say, THANKS!
Q.  How do I sign up? 
A.  On your next visit to the store, we will ask you for your email address.  Once it is entered, that is it!  We will start adding your purchases, including the day you sign up, and start you on your way to savings.  As a bonus,  you are signed up for our newsletter.  It come out about once a month with tips, tricks and information that makes your hobby fun.  You of course can opt out of the newsletter at anytime with a simple click of a button with our safe unsubscribe.

Q.  What is the catch?
A.  There is no catch.  Every purchase you make goes towards your next reward level.  Spend $250 in eligible products and you get a $10 credit towards your next purchase and you are $50 dollars closer to your next reward level. RTR, RTF, RxR, most kit cars and all DJI products are excluded due to matching internet pricing that is just to low to offer additional discounting.

Q.  How do I keep track of my purchases and reward levels?
A.  That is the great part.  It is automatic and you can ask at anytime your credit status, and how far to your next reward level.  It is all done for you.  You just collect your credits.

Q.  I have 3 $10 credits.  How many can I use at one time? 

A.  You may only use 1 credit per transaction. If your purchase is less than $10, simply use the credit the next time you come in.

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK: Monday - Saturday 9am - 6pm, Sunday 10-5

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