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​Jon, short on name long on knowledge.  A certified car nut in Gas, Nitro and Electric.  Want fast,  want it to handle well, want to decide on Crawlers, Track Cars, Rock Racers, Bashers, See Jon.  Advice on Life, see your shrink.

If you have Quad Questions, 4 Questions or Drone Questions Call the Marine. Tony served in Desert Storm and is now ready to take the Desert by Storm.  Serving our country from 1987-1991, Tony is ready to serve you.  He has the hair cut, he has the look.  Find out what an Ex Marine Corporal can do for you.

​What can we say, we wanted a woman's touch.  Mona certainly qualifies.  She is in charge of all things inventory.  She is smarter than she looks and she looks pretty smart!  We enjoy having someone to blame if we run out of anything you need.  In a word, Awesome!  

​Want a friendly easy to talk to guy, Diego is your man.  He knows a ton about flight and not a lot about food.  Just look at him, he has been working on helping customers like you and forgetting to eat.  We are pretty sure he feeds on oxygen and water.  His infectious smile and can do attitude keeps us from being too jealous of his ability to stay fit.  Talk to Diego today or put your mouse on his picture to see is silly side.​

​Kevin is our fearless leader.  He has been with Uncle Don's Hobbies since 2005.  Kevin is an expert in electronics.  Want to know what battery, charger or what to do to make it go - stop on in for a chat.  He also knows a little something about Trains.  N, HO, O, G scale?  He will help you select the train that is best for your area and needs.  Want a layout designed.  Let him know your layout size and desired scale and he will design it with your budget and design in mind.

Sherwin is an electric car nut.  So why he is near a gas powered 45mph, 4wd beast?   Answer:  He speaks 7 languages, knows all about Airsoft and if it has 4 wheels he can fix it.  So, we decided he can stand where he wants in the shop.  Keep in mind, even though he speaks 7 languages, we don't claim he speaks one at a time.  Most of the time we can't understand a word he says, but we are sure if you want to win a race or shoot straight, you can get the info one way or another (we will help).​

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​His friends call him Famous. Rob is a world class RC Helicopter Pilot.  FP, CP, CCPM, Idle Up, Electric, Gas?  He will help you get in the air.  Rob offers lessons for the beginner to the advanced.  Had a case of dumb thumbs (or was it the radio?) and crashed, he can repair, help you with replacement parts or suggest.  Rob is the kind of guy you want over for dinner.  He is friendly and will do the dishes when its over.  Did we mention he can fly airplanes like you see on YouTube?  If flying is your thing, then you and Rob have something in common.​

​What do you say to this picture?  Vern is funny (looking) and kind, sweet and loveable, happy and helpful and smart.  Working weekends and filling in as others get tired, Vern's boundless energy is an inspiration to us all.  Did we mention he is a great pilot and knows how to stay out of jail.  He makes us happy to be at the shop.  Come in, say hi, and find out why.

Vern says he did not want us to use this picture, we think he did.​